Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Twilight Zone - Elegy (1960)

From The Twilight Zone, season 1 episode 20.
Running out of fuel, astronauts Meyers, Webber and Kirby land their spaceship on a remote asteroid in 2185. They find the place quite Earth-like with buildings and people but after looking around begin to wonder where everyone is. The first place they come to is a farm where they can find no one. No one, that is, until they see a farmer gazing off into the distance. They approach him, tap him on the shoulder and try talking to him, but realize he is nothing more than a statue........ and so it begins.
Interestingly while I ponder as to the notion that that these might be the same suits as seen in Destination Moon, I find that Wikipedia is more than happy to point out that the equipment seen in the space ship was from Forbidden Planet.  Fancy that!



  1. This appears to be yet another Destination moon style suit,it differs from the originals and most of the copies by not having a single roll at the shoulder

    1. I'm putting together a Destination Moon suit appearances post for purposes of just such debate as this...

    2. I`ll look forward to it,also the DM suits show up very briefly in Robinson Crusoe On Mars [1:11:09 - 1:11:54]

    3. I've included that one...That's probably the most obscure of them so well done for knowing that. And cheers for the link, that's given me a slightly better image than the one I had.