Monday, 12 November 2012

UFO Gallery (1970) Part 2


UFO Gallery (1970) Part 1

It's time for one of our irregular gallery features.  And this time it's to look again at not only one of the finest spacesuit designs but also one of the hardest working space helmets on British TV, film and other related media.  Thank you Mr Anderson for making it all possible.  Look at the pretty pictures.


Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Clangers - The Rock Collector (1971)

The Clangers is one of the finest kids shows made in the UK.  It's one of the many works of Oliver Postgate, the creative genius responsible for several generations of happy delighted children.
This is the second episode of the second series and was first broadcast on the 25th of April 1971.  It's an unusal episode in as much as it features a human visitor to the Clangers moon where as previous visitors have been far more surreal; Froglets, the Iron Chicken and of course the Soup Dragon, to name but a few.
It's also of interest as the episode watched by The Master in the Doctor Who story; The Sea Devils, just a year later.


Friday, 2 November 2012

Tomorrow People - Series 7 (1978)

The Tomorrow People has not stood the test of time.  Actually I used  to think is was embarrassingly bad back in the day as well.  So I must have been feeling generous the day I brought the complete DVD boxset and decided to give it another chance... but it really is irredeemably naff.
Its taken a while to get to the final discs and the final set of stories.  It's consistently cheap and consistently badly written and annoys me even more than it should because at its heart it's such a great basic idea.
Anyway the original space suits as previously blogged had a basic charm and a look of their own but the ones used in series 7 (and series 8) are nothing special at all.  Seen in the stories; Achilles Heel and The Living Skins (And S8; War of the Empires) these suits have the goofiest helmets ever.  What were they thinking.

Lets never talk about them again.


Mary, Mungo and Midge (1969)

This is about as obscure as we're ever likely to get.  Mary, Mungo and Midge was a children's TV show that first aired in1969 on the BBC and then repeatedly for years there after.  There were only ever 13 episodes and they were all about a young girl and her pet dog and mouse, who lived in a block of flats and had very sedate and mild adventures which usually involved Midge the mouse getting lost or into trouble.  In one episode called; Toy Shop, Midge goes for a walkabout in....  a toyshop.
This spaceman is one of the toys.  Retro goodness