Sunday, 29 November 2015

Red Dwarf S7 Episode 5 - Blue (1997)

Starbug is travelling through a rather uninteresting region of space and the crew are bored and begin to nitpick at petty areas of their lives. Meanwhile Lister finds, much to his own surprise and disgust, that he is missing Rimmer, and even having romantic dreams about him returning. Kryten's solution is to take him on a ride called "The Rimmer Experience," which recounts outrageously fictionalised events from Rimmer's diaries.


Red Dwarf S7 Episode 1 - Tikka to Ride (1997)

The crew find themselves resurrected due to the time paradox resulting from the battle with their future selves. The time paradox also results in a greatly upgraded and much larger Starbug. However, the curry supplies have gone missing, and so Lister devises a sneaky plan which involves swapping Kryten's head, once again utilising the time machine, and which ultimately results in the crew getting mixed up in the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas, in 1963.



Red Dwarf S2 Episode 3 - Thanks for the Memory (1988)

The crew wake up after celebrating the anniversary of Rimmer's death, only to find four whole days have passed and they've got no memories of the previous four days. But when they find the ship's black box on a moon, they slowly learn what happened over the past four days.


Red Dwarf S10 Episode 4 - Entangled (2012)

Lister loses Rimmer in a game of poker to a group of Genetically Engineered Life Forms and in return gets an unwanted gift: a groinal exploder programmed to detonate in 24-hours unless Lister pays his debts. Meanwhile, Kryten and Cat become quantum entangled and do everything in perfect unison


Red Dwarf S1 Episode 5 - Confidence and Paranoia (1988)

Lister contracts a mutated pneumonia virus. The hallucinations of his fevered brain materialise in solid form, and suddenly the ship is beset by herring rain and exploding 16th century Mayor of Warsaw. When his fever breaks, Lister wakes up to find he has created personifications of his confidence and paranoia.


Thursday, 19 November 2015

Blackstar - David Bowie (2015)

Released today, on 19 November 2015, here are images from the "Blackstar" video, the tittle track from David Bowie's upcoming album.  Out 8 January 2016.  I'll have me one of those!

The whole song via link above because I love Bowie and I'm good to you lot.  It may not be your cup of tea but at least give it a sip.


Friday, 6 November 2015

Armchair Theatre - The Man Out There (1961)

Episode 27, season 4 of Armchair Theatre is entitled The Man Out There and sees Patrick McGoohan as a Russian cosmonaut trapped in space in a faulty rocket who has five hours to live when his radio makes contact with Marie, a hunter's wife who is also trapped in a blizzard swept area of Canada. Marie's daughter is dying of diphtheria and despite the great distance, Nicholai has the medical knowledge to help her.


Foreign DVD Cover Art Gallery

A collection of classic sci-fi cover art by any other name. I could translate for you but its more fun figuring them out for yourselves


Thursday, 5 November 2015

Seven Days - Crystal Blue Persuasion (2001)

NASA astronaut Commander William Streck is investigating an alien craft above Earth when something erupts, killing two of his crewmates....
These images are from Series 3 episode 15 of the TV show which ran for three seasons in total and produced 66 episodes around the concept of employing time travel to correct events and avoid national emergencies and disasters.
Don't recall this at all although I've read it played this side of the Atlantic as well.  Episode list suggests there  are other stories featuring spacesuits so we may well be back here again.

Thanks Tim


Out of this World (1976)

Atmospheric sound effects from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop originally released 1976.
Cover artist unknown but feel free to educate me if you know the answer.


The Quatermass Memoirs (1996)

Very nice cover art for the CD release of this BBC radio production from 1996.  The programme mixes the factual story with a dramatic narrative, in which the now-retired Professor Quatermass reluctantly recounts his past exploits to a female journalist. This in turn is interweaved with soundtrack footage from the Quatermass TV dramas.

Art by Chris Achilleos.  And again below in detail.


Look-In #41 (1981)

Long running British comic / magazine + Much loved English band: Madness =  the above cover image!
Beyond that I can't explain why the band members are in space suits or what the logic or reasoning was behind this 1981 cover. But its a nice and odd image to start November off with.  Be back with more soon.