Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Enemy Mine (1985) - A Gallery


Orbiter 9 (2017)

Orbiter 9 is a Spanish sci-fi  film about a young woman who has spent her entire life living alone in a space pod who then has her reality turned upside down with the arrival of a repairman who, governed by love, is compelled to reveal the truth about her situation to her.
This sounds interesting and has some decent reviews so I will probably have to check this one out


Saturday, 26 January 2019

Lost in Space (2018) - A Gallery

One of the reasons I've not posted so much over the Christmas month was that we finally got Netflix here at Say Hello Spaceman Towers and consequentially I've been a little busy catching up with all the new TV shows in the evening (as well as everything else you cram into life).  And one of the first shows I went for was the LIS reboot.  I quite like the original series from a nostalgic point of view, the 1998 movies kind of sucks but this new version is pretty bloody amazing.  An intriguing and beautifully structured show that has some fine performances, lovely designs and excellent direction.  Bring on series 2, already

No spacesuits in this pic but I just have to say before I go, that I love that robot and the relationship with Will.  Highly recommended show.
Danger! Danger!

Friday, 25 January 2019

Somthing for the Weekend - Barbarella (1968)

Welcome to 2019.  Its been a while since I posted although I've carried on replying to the various comments that have appeared over the last couple of months - thanks and keep them coming.

Anyway I'll try and pick up the pace a bit for this newest of years so lets start with something almost only half a spacesuit but full on sexy..... if Jane Fonda is your kind of thing...and why wouldn't she be!

What follows are some very nice images for just one of the outfits featured in the 1968 sci-fi classic Barbarella but after that I strongly recommend that you follow the link below to view the rest of her intergalactic wardrobe.  Its a fascinating collection of images and contains quite a few I hadn't seen before.

Once you've been over there and had a good look you might want to go watch the movie and get in on the fun.  It's kept me entertained for decades over repeated viewing and there really is nothing quite like it. 

Back Soon