Thursday, 27 February 2014

Sunday, 23 February 2014

John Harris (????)

A couple of paintings by John Harris.

If anyone can pin a date on them or where they were used I would be most grateful and will of course update the blog accordingly.

Here's a interesting update following Michel Van's comment that the bottom images was used as the cover of Inherit The Stars by James P Hogan.  Now this is curious because that's exactly what the image reminded me of when I first saw it...
...but I never once thought that the same book might have two such similar covers.  However, there it is...
...the proof in the publishing.  The first was by Darrell K Sweet which I had previously blogged as being from 1977 so I'm going to take a punt on that being the original as Michel Van dates the John Harris cover at 1989.....unless anyone knows different?
Cheers for that.

Lynx Axe Apollo Spacestaion Advert (2013)

There's a lot more of Kelly Brook in this TV advert before we get to this point but I'd be hard pressed to justify showing those images in a blog that's meant to be about spacesuits.  So we'll simply set the scene with Kelly about to welcome her boyfriend back aboard the old homestead.... Of course I'm assuming it's her boyfriend, it could be another girly under all that outer space clobber!  Now there's a thought.


Firefighter Axe Apollo advert (2013)

We've already looked at the lifeguard one.  Here's the other one.....


Something for the Weekend #13

Kelly Brook during the filming of the Lynx Axe advert.  We'll view the ad in a little more detail soon but for now simply enjoy.
She's come a long way since she used to be fairly rubbish on The Big Breakfast.  Who would have thought.  Still, horses for courses I suppose.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Lifeguard Axe Apollo - advert (2013)

The Unilever's television advertising campaign featuring an astronauts and a lifeguard was promoting Axe and Lynx Apollo products. "Lifeguard”, aired originally during the 2013 Super Bowl and showed a woman being rescued from a shark by a heroic lifeguard. The chemistry borne of heroism is then totally lost when an astronaut wanders down the beach.
The campaign; “Nothing beats an astronaut” was linked with a contest to win a trip into space.  No really!   “Leave a man. Come back a hero”  Damn me if I'm not off to the store to get me some of them smells

T-mobile - advert (2014)

NFL star Tim Tebow plays football on the moon as part of the T-mobile advert shown during Super Bowl XLVIII.


Danish Woodworking Industry - advert (1998)

The perils of not choosing a career with the Danish woodworking industry.

Beans - mock-advert (2013)

Beans is a very funny mock commercial by Cinesite, a post production company based in Montreal and London.
Created in house to showcase the animation skills of its staff, Beans features four astronauts enjoying a moonwalk when they are discovered by a horrific monster.
Its on YouTube here; and other assorted sites so go take a look.  It's 43 seconds of your life you wont want back after


Acura MDX advert (2014)

I quite like these very expensive adverts that cost more to make per minute than your average summer blockbuster.
I quite like them because I can enjoy the pretty pictures and the artistry of the film makers and still remain for the most part oblivious to the product.  This one is about how wonderful humanity is as symbolised by a car, apparently.


Citroën – Grand C4 Picasso advert (2014)

TV advert for Citroën – Grand C4 Picasso.  There's a lot of this sort of stuff about at the moment.


Channel 4: Live From Space (2014)

Channel 4 recently unveiled its latest conceptual marketing campaign for its ground-breaking new Live from Space season to be broadcast on Channel 4 next month.

Directed and produced by 4Creative, Channel 4’s multi-award winning creative agency, the TV trail launched on Wednesday 19th February across the Channel 4 portfolio – including E4, More4, Film4 and 4seven.
Chris Bovill and John Allison, Heads of 4Creative said: “We wanted to remind people how being an astronaut is the most dangerous, insane, rock 'n' roll job on the planet.”

Channel 4’s Live from Space season will feature three hi-spec shows from Arrow Media which deliver unprecedented access to NASA and get up close and personal with astronauts like never before.
Astronauts: Living In Space and Astronauts: Houston We Have A Problem will broadcast ahead of a major interactive TV event – Live from Space: Lap Of The Planet – featuring a live two-hour broadcast from the International Space Station (ISS) and Mission Control in Houston as the ISS completes an entire orbit of the Earth.
All of which explains the rather lovely images which were viewed off of my TV this evening.


Love (2011)

Just watched this for the first time today and have to say that I really liked it.  It's not going to be everybody's cup of tea but for those of us that grew up watching 2001 and Silent Running, it's a reassuringly slow and thoughtful piece of sci-fi that will stay with you as you try to make sense of it all.  For the record I agree with every quote on the poster above.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Hangar 18 (1980)

I remember going to see this at the pictures but beyond that fact I remember nothing at all about it except that it felt like a TV episode rather than anything cinematic.
Look Out!  There's UFO decapitation hazard directly ahead.
 Too Late.

CQ (2001)

CQ is a 2001 film written and directed by Roman Coppola. It's a homage to 1960s European spy/sci-fi spoofs like Barbarella and Danger: Diabolik.  Which is good enough for me and puts it very high on my to watch list.
And yes that's a space suit.  Don't let the lack of science hold you back.