Saturday, 8 February 2014

Six Million Dollar Man - The Moon and the Desert (1973)

Steve Austin is an astronaut who has made three moon landings. In a test flight accident caused by a malfunctioning centre stick, his right arm is severed, his left eye is blinded, and both legs must be surgically amputated. Steve Austin’s personal physician, Dr. Rudy Wells, has theorised about the creation of a cyborg through the installation of bionic parts. He is persuaded by an OSI agent to reconstruct his patient/friend with the understanding that Steve Austin will subsequently work for OSI.... and so it begins.  The Six Million Dollar Man.  The Moon and the Desert is the first of the TV movies which then lead into a five season TV series and ended with a further 3 TV movies as well as spawning the spin series The Bionic Woman. 
Very much a part of growing up in the 70's.  Good stuff.


  1. Some of the suits used in this show look like the real deal while others,like the ones pictured here,look like either costumes or a mixture of real and props,the helmet for instance looks like a prop but the suit body could be real.I can remember watching this show as a five year old and thinking how awesome it was,these days however..

    1. I too would have been 5 in 73. I certainly remember watching this and a good few of the seasons that followed. Had the action dolls, the Christmas annuals and a board game. Never been back to the show though ...should I keep the memories intact as is