Saturday, 8 February 2014

Silversun - Jelly Belly (2004)

Silversun is a children's television series made in Australia by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).  It features the adventures of the adolescent members of the crew of the Star Runner, an interstellar spaceship carrying a cargo of 550 cryogenically suspended colonists to their new home; Silversun.  And now you know as much as me.
These images are from the 13th episode of the first season, entitled; Jelly Belly, and features that perennial favourite prop of the cash-strapped TV costume designer; the motor bike helmet sprayed silver.  Just add big collar to disguise with varying effect. 


  1. I`ve just had a look at the first episode of Silversun and there appears to have been two types of helmet used,certainly the ones in this episode look a lot less like bike helmets than the one pictured here,check out 10:12-12:00

    1. Cheers Tim. You're right. Good find. As ever; Many thanks