Thursday, 27 February 2014

Lotto NZ advert (2014)

Cheers for the find Tim.


  1. Invitation to hell,thats the title by the way not the description of the viewing experience.I just remembered this one,its an odd horror/sf combo from Wes Craven,its a made for tv movie from 1984,I remember watching it around then and thinking it was kind of cool,it features a suit designed for a venus mission{!?} which the hero has to use to penetrate a hell like dimension to rescue his family

    1. how fantastically obscure. Cheers Tim

    2. Heres a little bit of useless trivia,the child actors who stared in this went on to better things,barret oliver went on to star in:The never ending story,d.a.r.y.l,cocoon and cocoon the sequel
      soliel moon frye went on to star in punky brewster
      and finally poor old robert ulrich ended up dying of cancer 18 years later

  2. Heres another one I had forgotten,its called Star flight one and it stars none other than the six million dollar man himself,the plot is pretty simple:the maiden flight of a hypersonic transport goes horribly wrong and ends up trapped in orbit,it reminds me of the airport movies.The bit that does make me laugh is the shuttle turn around time measured in hours rather than weeks/months,theres also hal linden getting a rather interesting eva
    sadly the only version I`ve found has been dubbed in russian,but its not like you`re missing much

    1. Cheers again. Now I do remember this and it was pretty much one of the airport movies in my mind. Seem to remember reading about it in Starburst magazine when first out but would have waited for it to pop up on TV to watch.