Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Castle - The Wrong Stuff (2015)

"Castle and Beckett don spacesuits and enter a Mars simulation to figure out how an astronaut ended up dead on Castle. "The Wrong Stuff" is the 16th episode of the show's seventh season."
Never watched the show so the above doesn't mean much to me but you don't get to a seventh series without doing something right.
Thanks to Tim for spotting this.  We think these are the spacesuits from Ascension (2014).  The helmets are not.  Have these been around somewhere else?  Lets play.......thoughts, guesses and confirmations into the comments, please.


Thursday, 24 September 2015

Up in the Air (2009)

I do like a George Clooney film and even though these images are deleted from the finished cut and from a dream sequence as best I can tell, I do quite fancy giving this a watch.

Thanks again Tim


Adiós querida luna (2004)

Three astronauts are sent on a mission to destroy the moon.... what more could you need to know than that.
Oh, it translates as; Goodbye Dear Moon and it's an Argentine sci-fi comedy film directed by Fernando Spiner back in 2004.

Thanks Tim.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

O2 Be More Dog - Space Cat (2014)

From the people that brought you Gravity, here are Framestore's space rendering VFX talents displayed for one of the O2 Be More Dog advertising campaigns.
Or.... Look; a cat in a spacesuit.  harh!
First the TV advert

Various promotional art pieces

 Design and concept

Murder In Space (1985)

I like Michael Ironside but not enough to sit through this twice.  Poster is alright though isn't it.


Major Matt Mason (1966)

Major Matt Mason was a line of action figures created by Mattel. Mason was an astronaut who lived and worked on the Moon. When introduced in 1966, the figures were initially based on speculative design information found in Life Magazine, Air Force Magazine, Jane's, and other aviation and space based periodicals. Later the line transitioned into the more fantastical realms of the fantastical.

Just a fraction too young and born the wrong side of the Atlantic to have had the pleasure.  Would have loved them though.


Holiday Inn (1973)

Promotional image cashing in on the space race, I presume, as did just about everybody else through the back of the 60's and into the early 70's.

If anyone knows the artist or where is was used, then please share in the comments below. and I'll update accordingly

Fantastic isn't it.

**Update from Bill's comments below - Thanks Bill - Original art is ...
and the original artist is Rick Guidice


Monday, 14 September 2015

Faster Than Light (2015)

Out this week.  Lovely cover for issue 1 but can't make up my mind about buying it or not.  Has anyone had a read yet?

And here's the cover for issue 2


UFO - Close Up (1970)

Just another episode of Gerry Anderson's UFO with its lovely often recycled space suits.  Here they are looking all yellow and freshly painted from being in Journey to the Far Side of the Sun.
You can even see both types of helmet and all the usual space-tech gubbins a chap might need in space
 No oxygen tanks on the back though, not in this show.  Its all in the shoulder unit
 Hang on a minutes!  What's all this about then
 Wow!  Is that what I think it is?
Blimey Crickey!   And Kubrick was adamant that everything should be destroyed after filming, lest it all get recycled and cheapen his original.
 Not sure?  Think its a copy?
Well, firstly, every other type of spacesuit's chest and back unit from 2001 turned up in Doctor Who and other shows through the 70's so why not this one.  And secondly picture 4 shows this...

which looks a lot like this.... 
...from picture 7.

My best guess is when they picked it out the skip at Shepperton Studios it needed a bit of repair work and the top seems far more likely a place to stick it back on than where it appears on the original.

All that remains is to say thanks to Mr Nowak for leading me to this.  You are a star.