Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Holiday Inn (1973)

Promotional image cashing in on the space race, I presume, as did just about everybody else through the back of the 60's and into the early 70's.

If anyone knows the artist or where is was used, then please share in the comments below. and I'll update accordingly

Fantastic isn't it.

**Update from Bill's comments below - Thanks Bill - Original art is ...
and the original artist is Rick Guidice



  1. It is amazing how much hope there was back during the apex of the Space Race for colonization and a real future in space...now we have Smartphones. I want the future I was promised!

  2. Somebody has pasted a Holiday Inn sign into Rick Guidice's painting of a lunar mass driver for NASA, Photo No. AC78-0330-1. See the unsullied version

    NASA images are copyright-free but it is polite to attribute the artist where possible. I believe this was an illustration for Space Settlements: A Design Study, NASA publication SP-413, published in 1977 (and now online). That was nearly 40 years ago but Guidice's paintings still turn up frequently to accompany futuristic articles about space. These days he's an interior designer; his NASA days are long behind him.

    1. Wonderful update Bill. I try not to post without being able to name the artist but it's nice to know the collective audience can always help to fill in a blanks and identify the talent.

      Interesting reuse of art. Do you think this is a real Holiday Inn promotional image or a bit of internet cheekiness. The date of the top image says 1973, which would be before the book publication.