Monday, 29 December 2014

Warp Speed (1981)

A ship is found adrift in space with no trace of its crew, or any signs of life at all. A psychic is brought in to try to "join" her mind with the memories lingering in the craft so that she can find out what happened to the crew.

That suit is all kinds of interesting.  It appears to be one of the Mercury inspired suits that was first seen in Way... Way Out in 1966 and then pops up all over the place until this outing in 1981.  The helmet keeps going a bit longer.  Follow the: Way Out Spacesuit label to enjoy the journey.


Saturday, 27 December 2014

Unearthed (2010)

Unearthed is a short film available in the usual corners of the internet.
You can see the twist coming a mile off but its still very nicely done and worth twenty minutes of your time
Are these the suits used in Plymouth?  I think the answer is probably yes with a little modification here and there.
Cheers again Michel


Women in Space - Les Edwards (1980's)

Commissioned by TV listings magazine TV-Times in the 1980's.  Sexist?  well possibly but then you could argue that so is this....
...but no one ever has.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Santa in Space - Les Edwards (2005)

Well I had a nice day, I hope you all did to.
Boxing day is better though,  A little slower, less visiting and visitors and time to enjoy some of the Christmas gifts.  As I write this I'm eating Walnut Whips and listening to David Bowie's Nothing has changed.  There's some (Amazon) vouchers to be turned into books and I'm being overlooked by a 7" Gorilla Soldier from the original and still the best of all the Ape films.
Me at 12 would have been quite happy with all of that, let alone having his very own blog about Spacemen that's looked at by several thousand people a month from all the way around the world.
That's a pretty good gift to have and it lasts all year long.
Thanks guys, you're the best.
Christmas card design from Les Edwards.  I've got a soft spot for Les' work and we'll be seeing some more of it around here quite soon

Happy Christmas and roll on 2015


Thursday, 25 December 2014

The Outer Limits - The Joining (1998)

From the fourth Series of The Outer Limits reboot, Episode 13 is called The Joining and tells a tale about the survivor of a crashed transport ship who returns home, but not unscathed, as his body now craves radiation and is sprouting new limbs.

Helmet looks a bit 2001 in style


The Outer Limits - Joyride (1999)

Season 5, episode 6 of the rebooted Outer Limits TV show.

A retired astronaut decides to head back into space one last time in an attempt to figure out where his life stopped being fulfilling

A couple of suits here, costume hire I would imagine so both have probably popped up in other places.


Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Plymouth (1991)

Plymouth is a TV Movie or a pilot for a show that was never picked up depending on how you want to dress it up.
Here's the set up: The residents of a town displaced by an industrial accident agree to take over a failing mining base on the Moon as their new place to live and work. Their first big test comes in the form of a wave of radiation from a massive solar flare.
Interestingly these appear to be the same suits as previously blogged in regard to The Outer Limits - Voyage Home. (1995)  As it was allegedly one of the most expensive TV movies ever made lets assume the suits were created for Plymouth and then had a career on their own afterwards.  I'll correct later if we find an appearance earlier than this one.
What I really like about these is the customised space helmets, presumably so that each astronaut could recognise his colleagues.  They remind me of some illustrations from a space exploration book I had as a nipper, which I'll blog sometime in the new year.

Big thanks to Michel Van for the find


Monday, 22 December 2014

Behind the Scenes - A 7th Gallery


The Outer Limits - The Voyage Home (1995)

"The Voyage Home" is an episode of the rebooted The Outer Limits television show. It first aired on 30 June 1995, during the first season.
A manned expedition to Mars is in its 315th and final day on the surface when the crew discover a cave containing strange alien writing and a capsule. The capsule suddenly opens and the crew is knocked unconscious......

Thanks to Tim again for the find


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Silversun - Alien Presence (2004)

It is the year 2050 and the teenage crew of the Star Runner are two years into a journey to the Silver Sun — an amazing planet located in a distant solar system 45 light years away. It is their mission to ensure the safe delivery of 550 cryonically suspended New Settlers to populate the New World and pave the way for future generations of mankind. Theirs is a mission of breath-taking proportion — the crew on board the Star Runner are pioneers and the success or failure of this endeavour depends on them

....... And now you know

And these suits are from the very first episode; Alien Presence.  After encountering a solar fog, the sensors on the Star Runner pick up a non human entity. Is it an alien? A major computer glitch threatens the entire mission.

We never had this over here in Blighty but it sound popular enough if you were the right age at the right time.
I've blogged it before but as the ever vigilant Tim Armstrong has pointed after the last Silversun post, these are a different type of helmet.  Thanks Tim


Thursday, 4 December 2014

Eldon 3D Scenic Moon Survey Model Kit (1966)

Eldon's 3D Scenic Moon Survey Model Kit  from 1966.  This is all kinds of interesting.  Would love this to get a re-issue.  The astronaut design is very similar to the 3rd one down in the previous John Polgreen post.

John Polgreen - A Gallery

A selection from John Polgreen from off of the 50's.  Very nice work