Saturday, 27 December 2014

Unearthed (2010)

Unearthed is a short film available in the usual corners of the internet.
You can see the twist coming a mile off but its still very nicely done and worth twenty minutes of your time
Are these the suits used in Plymouth?  I think the answer is probably yes with a little modification here and there.
Cheers again Michel



  1. I have some link to picture to Space Suit of German Sci-Fi TV -series and Movies

    Raumpatrouille Orion
    the very Frist German Sci-Fi TV -serie in 1966 with 7 episodes and still a cult even today–_Die_phantastischen_Abenteuer_des_Raumschiffes_Orion

    the Space suits feature unique ventilation
    on top the Helmet is opening were between take a small ventilator was installed to supply fresh air in Suit
    during takes the opening prevent fogged up inside the helmet

    First episode on Youtube, feature the Space suits in detail

    The Suits
    Here you see clear the opening in Helmet

    inside of little „Lancet“ spacecraft

    Children of year 3000 in toy space suit

    the Orion Crew on way to launch complex

    only one of the Suit survived the time, is now a museum piece, with parts of ship controls, build from flat iron

    1. Cheers Michel. Raumpatrouille Orion has been safely logged into the files awaiting its turn. I think you linked me some of these images before as examples of very large space helmets. I shall get round to it soon, I promise

  2. I saw this a while ago, actually I thought I might've picked up link form here. It's a pretty good flick.

    1. Michel sent me links before so possibly you did get to it from here. I've still to check it out or do a post about it yet.

    2. I can definitely recommend Raumpatrouille, used to watch it on satellite in German years ago, and I do mean years ago. Funky series, with hot chicks in wigs, I think the costume designers at UFO might've been watching. My German's non existent, so we relied on a running translation, which she sometimes forgot to actually translate and it would come out in German, still highly entertaining though.

    3. I watched a chunk of it on Youtube after commenting and it does look very good. I also thought it might have inspired the boys over at UFO a little.

  3. I`ve found another obscure one,its called warp speed from 1981 and stars batmans adam west [46:42-49:40]

    1. That looks all kinds of interesting, thanks