Friday, 26 December 2014

Santa in Space - Les Edwards (2005)

Well I had a nice day, I hope you all did to.
Boxing day is better though,  A little slower, less visiting and visitors and time to enjoy some of the Christmas gifts.  As I write this I'm eating Walnut Whips and listening to David Bowie's Nothing has changed.  There's some (Amazon) vouchers to be turned into books and I'm being overlooked by a 7" Gorilla Soldier from the original and still the best of all the Ape films.
Me at 12 would have been quite happy with all of that, let alone having his very own blog about Spacemen that's looked at by several thousand people a month from all the way around the world.
That's a pretty good gift to have and it lasts all year long.
Thanks guys, you're the best.
Christmas card design from Les Edwards.  I've got a soft spot for Les' work and we'll be seeing some more of it around here quite soon

Happy Christmas and roll on 2015


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