Saturday, 27 December 2014

Women in Space - Les Edwards (1980's)

Commissioned by TV listings magazine TV-Times in the 1980's.  Sexist?  well possibly but then you could argue that so is this....
...but no one ever has.


  1. Interesting observation. It is odd to me that an sexist piece could be made in the 1980's about female astronauts...especially after Sally Ride becoming a national hero. Who were made this art piece was daff and tonedeaf. Sad.

    1. It was used to illustrate an article about women in space, probably inspired by Sally Ride. I guess it was meant to be humorous although it's been accused of being sexist. In his defence Les Edwards stated the pieces was a commission and followed clear instruction from the art director. ie, if the joke backfired then it wasn't Les who was to blame. I just think its mildly amusing and a bit silly but a nicely crafted painting.