Monday, 13 March 2017

Doctor Who (2017)

Little sneak peak of something that's on the way quite soon.  New trailer below.


PS - I'll be replying to your comments soon chaps.  Always love the feedback and thoughts so keep them coming

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Time Bandits (1981)

Terry Gilliam's Time Bandits, a wonderfully eccentric film, that's only real fault is in trying to cram too much in.  It lacks breathing space, I always thought, and would - if ever considered  - lend its self to a very nice multiple episode TV remake.  If we can have Westworld again, we could have the Time Bandits!
Anyway, from the film's finale, this very nice spaceship and suitable dressed Time Bandit.  The helmet will be recycled from somewhere but I'll need to stick the DVD on again to have a better look.
As a tangential observation that thrilled me at the time of first viewing, I recognised that little blue spaceship as being a replica of one of the Micronauts vehicles, a much loved toy of the late 70's which I actually owned; more specially the Mobile Exploration Lab.  Some of the relevant bits of which can be seen below.

Obviously young Kevin, the films protagonist, had one of these on his bedroom floor as well.  kind of cool I always thought.