Wednesday, 21 November 2018

The Man In The Moon - Charlie Drake (1964)

This is the cover of The Man In The Moon, the 7" 45rpm EP record featuring Charlie Drake, The Michael Sammes Singers and Johnnie Spence And His Orchestra.  This vinyl release featured the hit songs from Robert Nesbitt's Space-Age musical, which ran at the London Palladium from December 23rd 1963 for the Christmas season.  (That's roughly the same time that the British public were catching there first glimpse of Doctor Who's Daleks!)  Now I wasn't around back then but I am just old enough that everything above means something to me and I actually know, broadly speaking, who all of those names are, but then I am developing a latent taste for cheesy old tunes of yesteryear.


Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Outer Space Men (Various)

Some very cool modern toys based on some very cool 60's toys.  Good explanation and description here:  And here if you have some loose change:


Thursday, 6 September 2018

Pathfinders to Mars (1960)

The second sequel to Target Luna and following on from Pathfinders in Space, Pathfinders to Mars contained the following episodes in its 6 week run; The Imposter, Sabotage in Space, The Hostage Lichens!, Zero Hour on the Red Planet and Falling into the Sun


Pathfinders in Space (1960)

Pathfinders in Space was the first of three sequels to the TV serial Target Luna shown earlier in the same year on British television via the ATV network.  The 7 episodes were entitled; Convoy to the Moon, Spaceship from Nowhere, Luna Bridgehead, The Man in the Moon, The World of Lost Toys, Disaster on the Moon and Rescue in SpaceThe plot involved Professor Norman Wedgewood and his team planning a second rocket mission to the Moon. More importantly for this blog, the spacesuits looked like this....