Thursday, 29 September 2016

A History of the "Windak" Spacesuits (1962 and onwards)

A work in progress

Further pictures and details to be added later but to better help you explore the blog, here is the second of our suitographies for the spacesuits with the more varied and interesting of CV's.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the mighty Windak - High altitude pressure suit and so much more.
Image result for windak suit raf

Windak Suits (1962)  Real Life
First Men in the Moon (1964)  Film
Doctor Who The Tenth Planet (1966)  TV Show
Doctor Who: The Wheel in Space (1968)  TV Show
Star Wars: A New Hope - Part 2 - (1977)  Film
Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back (1980)  Film
Star Wars - Return of the Jedi (1983)  Film


A History of the "Way... Way Out" Spacesuit (1966 and onwards)

A work in progress.

Below are the links to all the films, TV shows and other places you will find all or some part of the spacesuits originally featured in; Way... Way Out.
I'll update it when necessary and will hopefully also identify alterations, customisations and variations.  If you think you've found a new appearance not listed then let me know in the comments below.  Otherwise; Go explore the Suitography.

Way... Way Out (1966)  Film
The Green Hornet - Invasion from Outerspace (1967) TV Show
The Invaders - Moonshot (1967) TV Show
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Journey with Fear" (1967)  TV Show
In Like Flint (1967) Film
Get Smart – Pheasant Under Glass (1969)  TV Show
Future Blues by Canned Heat (1970)  Album cover
The Bob Hope Show (1971) TV Show
Escape from the Planet of the Apes (1971)  Film
Star Wars: A New Hope - Part 2 - (1977)  Film
Warp Speed (1981)  Film
The Philadelphia Experiment (1984) Film


Saturday, 24 September 2016

The Green Hornet - Invasion from Outerspace (1967)

The Green Hornet, episode 25....

Can't get any sharper images than these at the moment but hopefully you can still see that those are the Way... Way Out space suits and helmets.


Road to Hong Kong (1962) Lobby card

We've done this film already but I'm having a bit of a Bob Hope thing this evening so lets post a new image for The Road To Hong Kong, in which Bob (and Bing) can be seen wearing a suit that's possibly original to them but which goes on the pop up in the following few years in at least a couple of other films


The Bob Hope Show (1971)

Bob Hope in the "Planet of the Shapes" skit from The Bob Hope Show Season 22, Episode  1, Aired September 1971

And of course that is the Way.. Way Out space suit


Chrysler Presents a Bob Hope Comedy Special (1965)

An original NBC TV network promo photo from 1965 for Chrysler Presents A Bob Hope Comedy Special.

Bob is of course wearing the Men in Space suit and helmet.


Saturday, 17 September 2016

Blake's 7: Traitor (1981)

That's Forbus from the Blake's 7 episode; Traitor.  He's wearing one of those nifty RAF ventilation suits, that are sometimes a spacesuit, sometimes a Cyberman and sometime nice to dress pop stars in to make a video more interesting.  I think Forbus is one of those crippled evil genius types, so here its being part life-support... which is new.
I quite liked Blake's 7 the first time around although it does get a little painful by the forth season which might be why I don't remember too much about this one or feel particularly inclined to sit through it again.