Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Enemy Mine (1985) - A Gallery



  1. Glad to see you`re still alive,I hope that you had a merry xmas/happy new year etc..
    I was literally just now watching a rerun of the very first ep of red dwarf,when lo and behold I spotted a prop I hadnt seen before,its a space helmet thats hanging on the wall of lister and rimmers quarters and it isnt one of the outland ones either.Its about 7 minutes into the show,rimmer is standing against a wall,theres a pipe right next to him with a no smoking sticker on it and the helmet is between his head and the pipe.So I thought it would be a good reason to pop over to your site and see if anything new was happening.....and it was.

    I quite liked Enemy Mine,I read the short story and it wasnt too bad,but I think the movies better.I also quite liked the helmet with its massive construction,it looks very big and solid.

    1. cheers Tim, I'll go check that out. Life and work get in the way sometimes but Ill always pop back up at some point. Always appreciate the strange stuff you find me

    2. Speaking of strange,heres one that I think should be seriously considered for Not Really a Spacesuit but..Its the suit that the titular character from the movie Robot Monster wears.The bottom half is an old gorilla suit thats had the head removed and replaced with one of the Destination Moon type helmets that we saw in Radar Men from the Moon and who had their first appearance in Flight to Mars,now the interesting thing about these helmets is that they were made of papier mache,which gives them almost a slightly organic look as they are not completely smooth and rounded as a metal or plastic helmet would be,another detail was the very long neck rings that they had to fit inside the large collars of the Destination Moon type suits they were originally paired with.Sadly by the time it shows up in Robot Monster tho,its looking pretty battered and is stating to delaminate.
      Anyway I think its a deserving candidate both because of the helmet and the fact that its an iconic 50s sf monster.
      Supposedly the guy who played the monster Ro-man was chosen because he had his own gorilla costume!.Sadly tho he was never payed.
      The movie despite being utterly terrible and shot on virtually no budget[$16,000]and in only 4 days[!!],was one of the first 3d movies and made a huge amount of money[$1,000,000 in its first release!!].The great Elmer Bernstein,who had also done Cat Women of the Moon the same year,and who went on to do The Great Escape,Magnificent Seven,Ten Commandments,did the music score for it.
      If only he looked as good as the one in the poster

    3. You're right Tim, I'll cover that soon in a blog post. I'm a bit of a fan of it myself just for the sheer insanity of it.

  2. Howdy Steve! I have a weird one for ya! I was watching some old episodes of the bizarre Reeves and Mortimer celebrity quiz program "Shooting Stars" and Matt Lucas (George Doors, the man with the scores!) gets brought on in a litter carried by two guys in spacesuits. It's not a very good quality video and the suits are barely onscreen, but maybe you could get a good enough look to identify them. They're two entirely different suits but they both look quite familiar! The sequence begins at 6:15. Thanks!


    1. Wow. what a challenge. While I ponder that from some washed out video screen grabs can I just say I loved that show and Vic and Bob still make me laugh in everything they do. And I love the fact that loads of people just don't get it.