Friday, 6 November 2015

Armchair Theatre - The Man Out There (1961)

Episode 27, season 4 of Armchair Theatre is entitled The Man Out There and sees Patrick McGoohan as a Russian cosmonaut trapped in space in a faulty rocket who has five hours to live when his radio makes contact with Marie, a hunter's wife who is also trapped in a blizzard swept area of Canada. Marie's daughter is dying of diphtheria and despite the great distance, Nicholai has the medical knowledge to help her.



  1. Darn, I'd like to see that. I've found "Danger Man" and I've been enjoying it.

    1. The movie; Ice Station Zebra, is to be recommended as well

    2. And dont forget the classic and baffling The Prisoner tv series

  2. Thanks; I've seen both of 'em.

    It's easy to imagine Danger Man, Prisoner, Ice Station Zebra and perhaps one of the Columbo episodes as all happening to the same guy. Don't think that cosmonaut could be fit into that arc.