Monday, 12 January 2015

Operation Ganymed (1977)

Operation Ganymed is a TV movie by Rainer Erler from 1977, for German TV channel ZDF

"A spaceship returns to Earth after several years of space exploration and finds it desolate. Landing in what they believe is Mexico, the crew decides to travel north, and try to find out what happened to Earth during the years they were gone"

From IMDB.



  1. Thats one I`ve never heard of before.Theres also a new movie called Wish I was here that has some suit scenes [1:36-1:39]

  2. I also finally found the scene from the very strange but very good Lexx featuring spacesuits

    1. I watched nearly all of Lexx, - wonderfully odd. I felt sure there must have been a space suit in it but just couldn't recall where - big thanks for scratching that itch, Tim