Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Lexx - Lyekka (1998)

Series 2 episode 03 of one of the maddest Sci-fi shows ever.  Lexx could be wonderful and strange and sexy and funny but some times there wasn't enough plot or money to keep the story going all the way to the end of the episode.  Should have been bigger and better known but then it should have just been better.
The plant-based organism called Lyekka arrives on the Lexx and uses Stanley's dream image of a high school sweetheart to take form. At the same time, 3 astronauts from the planet Potatohoe run into the Lexx. Lyekka begins to eat them one at a time, allowing them to live out their wildest fantasies before being fully consumed.  And if that sounds odd you don't know the half of it.



  1. A great show,I`m sure these suits must have shown up somewhere else

    1. They are Apollo one suits from the HBO series "From the Earth to the Moon"

    2. Brilliant. Thanks Chris. You just knew Lexx didn't have the money to make them. Didn't the production company end up in bed with almost everyone just to keep going, resulting in a too few many different masters to please.