Saturday, 10 January 2015

Dead Cosmonaut Golovorez (2014)

Artist: Ashley Wood, for threeA (3A)

An object of twisted beauty that I would love to own although it costs a few more pennies than I care to stump up.  Truly wonderful.
...and as for the detail.
Standing approximately 12 1/2" tall (1/6-scale) when fully suited up, the figure comes with: a removable outer space suit and space helmet; a zip-up under-suit beneath the main space suit; and illuminated LED Helmet with tinted, slide down front visor, a two-tone communications head cap (aka "Snoopy cap") that is worn underneath the main helmet; 2 Pistols and corresponding holsters; and 3 hoses that connect to the front control panel, backpack, and oxygen tank.

and available in white; Dead Astronaut Gangsta
And available in grey as well...

Best toy ever...



  1. Where is this toy want more info on i.t

    1. Its very cool. Google search (or other engines) just the name. It should come up although I think these things are expensive and limited so search fast and dig deep!