Saturday, 10 January 2015

Gilligan's Island - Splashdown (1967)

 From Gilligan's Island. Season 3 episode 22. Splashdown. First aired February 20th 1967.
That's the same capsule as seen in "Nyet, Nyet, Not Yet" but with a new lick of paint.  Unless I'm very much mistaken its the same spacesuit and helmet as well.


  1. The helmets in Nyet, Nyet, Not Yet look a lot like The men in space helmets just without the visor,the ones in this episode are somewhat different tho the suit part is the same,it makes me wonder where these ones are from as I just cant see giligans island having helmets especially made for it on its budget,anyway check out the two side by side and see what you think

    1. I was one way and then the other as to if they were the same or not. I settled on them being the same but with the suit collar ring being higher and that being enough to change the appearance. Still not totally sure either way - hence not adding the "men in space" label. Thoughts anyone else?
      As you say though, if they are different where are they from?

    2. I think the Soviet helmets look just a touch rounder to me; the Men in Space helmets looked a bit smaller.

    3. Just looked again and I'm feeling they are different

  2. total off topic
    another german Sci-fi TV classic

    A TV movie by Rainer Erler from 1977, for german TV channel ZDF
    is about survivors of Manned mission to Jupiter moon Ganymede in 1991
    who was a disaster from 3 ship only one survive arrival at Jupiter
    The damage Ganymed II return after 1585 days mission to Earth, unable to communication with earth.
    The Mission control abandon the complete Mission 3 years ago considering all 21 member for dead.
    while the 5 survivors have to land on deserted coastline, not knowing were are and what happen on earth
    they start battle for survival…

    This grim marvel was made mit shoe string budget and used advisors from German Aerospace !

    the entire movie on youtube

    Entire Crew of Ganymed I-III,MRum1fCz2O6_eLuS_9LWpLPsl+_dc+gypBT4ClHIYRv9STDSkB9whOJBZp8DcRmCJVp3DscomQwq66Xjx_Erlw==.jpg

    Ganymed II crew on there Target
    scene during take on island of Lanzarote (yep the same place were Dr Who "Kill the moon" was made),MRum1fCz2O6_eLuS_9LWpLPsl+_dc+gypBT4ClHIYRtsb17f8NNa_tbu1zDcWeTeiVm1mdxy5O0PCGbSWSZ7KA==.jpg

    The Space suit is very good copy of Apollo moon suits adapted for Jupiter environment.

    Ganymed II Crew in there Return capsule,_HybAW8WDKT_SBO5Nu3B2t69NyDPIPpYKAFvaNkfZj0MnyqutUC3PCnSXCINeTLqa2V7iGzso9he3qrK0GLUUA==.jpg,J8pewl_AL5lVjAz0EF78Zj+1+ep9VZmtno7d6guTTjRw+7oNmxMioOI6kztYzm9gPGnkVBCfYYeZ3H8jcyq0DA==.jpg

    the last five survivors lost in desert (of Mexico)

    1. Cheers. Another one that's been lurking in the files for a long time. I really must spring-clean this year. Nudged into activity with thanks.

  3. This is definitely the same helmet that we saw in laverne and shirley but its missing at least two of the features that we see in the Men into space helmets,its missing the triangular indent at the top of the visor and its also missing the molding lines that go around the visor,could it possibly have been modified at some point?.Check out the comparison pic below

    1. If they go back as far as Men into Space, and feature in all those other things, its safe to assume they would have to be maintained along the way, so I guess yes.