Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Lunnaya raduga aka Moon Rainbow (1983)

After a strange incident while on a mission to Uranus' moon; Oberon, four members of the eponymous vessel Lunnaya Radugaa begin to develop supernatural powers. But how did they acquire such abilities and what are their intentions? The Space Security Service and World Health Organization are called in to investigate.




  1. This film actually has 2 different lots of helmets in it,the last two in this group differ from the others [50:13][59:18 - 1:00:07]
    And this scene is impressive just for the shear number of suits in it,it makes me think of Outland [1:00:22]

  2. Sorry, I do not know English very well. I really liked your blog and am very pleased that you have paid attention to Soviet films. I just want to correct. In the movie "Moon Rainbow" we are not talking about a group of Russian or Soviet cosmonauts. In the film, talking about the international group. And the film's hero is an American astronaut, whose name is David Norton.

    1. Thank you. I will correct this mistake. I'm glad you like the blog