Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Sky at Night (1968)

A fantastic picture from the long running BBC TV Astronomy show; The Sky at Night (1957 to present).  Here is presenter Sir Patrick Moore with comedian Michael Bentine wearing spacesuits to discuss the trials of manned space flight.  While being something of a British institution due to longevity and familiarity, rather than actual viewing figures per show, The Sky at Night remains something of a dry presentation of a serious scientific subject.  What this image suggests is that perhaps not every episode has always been such.

Happy Christmas for yesterday


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  2. Found this one from the french film Dante 01[2008] 8:50
    The movie Love[2011] features our old friend the russian Gsh-6A
    found another six million dollar man pic
    Found one with the 2 lost in space[movie] suits
    Flight to mars [1951]
    we`ve seen these ones before
    Cargo [2009]
    Space Camp [1986]
    Interesting cover
    Deleted space suit scene from Up in the air
    Austin powers the spy who shagged me
    Soldier [1998]
    Interestingly this suit is the basis for the one used in firefly/serenity and the helmet from it is used on the other serenity suit
    Astronaut farmer
    Rockets red glare[2000] about a boy who restores and flys a redstone rocket
    Space Cowboys

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  4. BBC Adventures advert
    Galactica 1980
    Battlestar galactica
    Heres an interesting one from buck rogers,technically its not a spacesuit but it sure as hell looks like one
    Star Crash with the lovely Caroline Munroe wearing the strangest helmet ever
    Lucille ball in a very well known suit
    Space virgins from planet sex [1:09]
    Silversun,heres one I`ve never heard of [14:06]
    Jane badler who played the main baddie diana in V has a spacesuit scene in 1989s mission impossible target earth [31:09]
    Touched by an angel has an episode with a suit in it,now who would of thought that

  5. Doomsday Machine [1972] also known as Escape from planet earth,apparently they started filming this in the 60s and only finished it in the 70s
    spacesuits at 1:06:21 also has a suited corpse at 1:11:32
    And heres one of only 2 pics I could find,this has mala power in her suit
    child spacesuit
    For pure wackyness its hard to beat this one,I saw this as a kid and never forgot it
    Eurythmics king and queen of america video 2:45-2:51
    The only 2 pics I could find from the video
    The Ambushers 1967 starring dean martin
    Touched by an angel - godspeed episode
    Fallout [1999]
    farrah fawcett from the six million dollar man
    Another one for the terrible "suit" collection from killings at outpost zeta [1980]
    Heres the video
    The Avengers - Dragonsfield
    The dreadful 2005 Deep Rescue

  6. Heres one I had to post just for the weirdness of it,I guess this is what you call life imitating art.I notice our friend is using the good old russian Gsh-6A helmet,probably acquired from ebay.Best of luck to him hes a braver man than I

  7. I`ve just had a look at one of your old adverts,the Lister Fabric advert (1960),and I think that the suit in that is the same one that the guy on the right in this pic is wearing apart from the zipper being on the other side but its quite possible one of the photos has been flipped

  8. That looks about spot on. Eagle-eyed as ever. Now we'll just have to track down where both of them had it from.