Sunday, 8 December 2013

Put Yourself in My Place by Kylie Minogue - Video (1994)

Images from a music video.  Thank you Tim for the pointer.  It's a lovely gift; Kylie in a Spacesuit/Kylie getting out of a spacesuit.- Nice.
A little ashamed to say I was unaware of this video.  Which is the kind of crime they kick you out of the Men's Club for.  It's clearly inspired by the Barbarella opening sequence but in a good way that just makes you wish they would make more Barbarella films
All aboard

Don't need this big bulky thing anymore, thinks Kylie
And then she continues to take even more off in a perfectly innocent a zero-G strip and why shouldn't she she's all alone

O'oh! Space perverts on the starboard bow

It's alright Kylie's got a remedy for that.

...and steams the little tinkers right off the hull.

Down to just her space panties and even they are on their way off 

All kinds of naked now and just about to grab a nice big space blanket when she spots one last tenacious voyeur (or did she know he was there all the time, the little minx)

..and shuts him out before going to bed.
It's all on Youtube, and other similar places, so go have a little look-see but don't get upset with me if you find you've wasted a hour of your life watching all the available Kylie videos.
Something for the weekend?

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  1. It is amazing that Kylie has had a career that spans decades. NASA ought field pink spacesuits...jazz up the manned space program...and space panties