Sunday, 15 December 2013

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

And then for no good reason I can ever work out, an Apollo astronaut turns up at the door to capture ET.



  1. Yes,if they were going to do it today they`d be in biohazard suits,but it was so completely unexpected to see plus the fact that you cant see the guys face made the scene quite scary.I was always hoping for a sequel,especially now that all the cast has grown up it would be the perfect time

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  3. I just remembered an italian horror sf movie Alien Contamination(1980) or just Contamination that has a brief spacesuit scene,the helmets remind me a bit of the moon zero two moon suits,you can see it here at 1:25
    It stars Ian McCulloch from terry nations excellent 70s sf series survivors
    This advert really says it all,grindhouse double feature anyone?

    1. Nice one, Tim. That's new to me. Post to follow. Appreciated as ever

    2. I`ve just realised that you dont have the suits for Firefly/Serenity,heres a site with plenty of pics
      There were also suits in the pilot episode of Space above and beyond
      Heres an interesting page,any idea which shows #s4,5 are from?
      Another one with a brief spacesuit scene is Northstar starring greg evigan of tekwar fame,its about an astronaut who develops powers after being hit by a beam of radiation during a spacewalk[2:38]
      And theres also the suit from Farscape
      And lastly the more things change the more they stay the same

    3. Cheers again Tim, not looked at the links yet but apart from Farscape this all sounds like new stuff for the files, I'll have a look-see when it's not 2 in the morning - mad unexpected night in the company of the lovely NHS I need to go to bed now.

    4. nhs!?,as in national heath service!?,nothing too bad I hope?

    5. Found some more
      Heres an old one of Sir patrick moore and micheal bentine in suits from 1968
      I found out that this suit is from the 1973 canadian sf series starlost
      Its an interesting sounding series and starred 2001 Keir Dullea and had as guest stars Walter Koenig,barry morse and john colicos[both in the same episode] the story is a lot like the Space:1999 ep "Mission of the Darians" which barry morse starred in funnily enough
      And heres the only one I could find from Lexx series2 ep3

    6. list looks very interesting. Cheers. I think I've got some homework to do over the weekend.
      Hospital was for the other half, not myself. All fine now, thanks for asking although I've still yet to catch up on the sleep lost. which is where I'm going now. resisting urge to check links but had to peak at Sir Patrick Moore, which is a fantastic find. - cheers again