Friday, 13 December 2013

Silent Running (1972)

This is a bit of a classic film that I used to enjoy as a kid when it first made it's way on to British TV.  Upon watching it again recently, very much as an adult now, it remained every bit as good as I remember.
It has in it three memorably fantastic robots and something of a bleak ending.  It also has a very small and far away spacesuit sequence that is almost totally forgettable.  These are the best images I can find.
If you've never seen this one then go track it down.
UPDATE - 7/12/2014 to add this additional image above



  1. Heres another one I dont think you`ve got,the scenes from ET the extraterrestrial when the government sends in guys in spacesuits to help quarantine the family home

    1. Cheers Tim, I was ignoring that one from personal taste and logic but you're right I probably should cover it.

    2. I don't hate it. I know its meant to be all kinds of wonderful but it just doesn't work for me. Now 1982 was the year of Blade Runner, a film I fell in love with on first viewing and which should tell you where I was at the time....and probably still am actually. Sorry! I might be a little bit dead inside :-)

  2. Silent Running has one of the most minimal suits I've ever seen. "We don't need no steenking backpacks."

    Heh. Maybe that's how they were able to kill all the plants: they're really good at life support.