Sunday, 1 December 2013

Road to Hong Kong (1962)

The Road to Hong Kong was made in1962 at Shepperton Studios in England.  It starred Bing Crosby and Bob Hope and features a host of other guest stars, many of whom come across as a little bit fresher and a lot funnier than the series reoccurring comedy duo.  Not surprisingly this was the last of the Road to.. series of movies. 

And - of no particular interest to anyone one other than me- it appears to be the first appearance of this particular space helmet which turns up the next year in Mouse on the Moon (1963) and then a little later on as part of  the killer robots in The Earth Dies Screaming (1965)
Now that's kind of cool.


  1. (An attempt to mail you bounced, Steve. Contact higgins at fnal dot gov and I'll send you a page from Life.)

    Obviously I need to tell you about page 46 of the 10 November 1961 issue of Life.

    Hope and Crosby sent a photo of these costumes to the Mercury astronauts with the message, "To Shepard and Grissom: We're ready!" The astronauts, dressed as song-and-dance men, responded, "We're ready too!"

    An un-autographed version of the astronaut photo may be found here.

    1. That is so very cool and such a great story. Many thanks