Sunday, 22 December 2013

Farscape - Unrealized Reality (2002)

Talking about shows that were under appreciated and cancelled before their story was fully told,  I can think of no greater an example than Farscape.
Cut short by a single season and then given just three hours to wrap up the outstanding storyline is better than some shows get but Farscape was at its very best when it had time to play and because of this the end feels a little short changed.
Amazing story, characters, acting, design, effects, drama, comedy, sexiness, villainy, heroism and pure bloody inventiveness. Farscape had it all without a single duff episode....I'm very biased.
Anyway it also had space suits and this one is from Season 4, episode 11.  Enjoy.  We'll be back this way again.
I'm not sure if this last one is from the same episode but it's certainly the same suit and the best view of it.


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