Friday, 10 January 2014

Astronauts (1981)

Astronauts was a British sitcom that aired on the ITV network in 1981. It was written by Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie, two of The Goodies.  There were 13 episodes over two series.
I liked The Goodies and I liked sci-fi but I quite vividly remember not liking this.  Of course it was all a long time ago and I was relatively young so maybe it stands up better than I remember.  I might just have been annoyed because it didn't star The Goodies themselves.



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  2. Theres definitely 2 different types of suits/helmets,any ideas where the ones the guys are wearing are originally from?
    I think those two could be from Moonraker

  3. I would say so and a quick recheck of my own Moonraker post - labelled under James Bond - would seem to back it up. Timing is right as well. Well spotted. I'm guessing they pop up again elsewhere.

  4. I found some more things that might interest you,most of them from the former eastern block,one from 1984 czechoslovakia,one from 1995 russia and one a russian polish co production.I never knew that the soviets/eastern block made so many sf films quite a surprise I must say

    Петля Ориона/Petlya Oriona/orions loop [32:20]

    Test Pilot Pirxa [43:32]

    Четвертая планета/Chetvertaya Planeta/Fourth Planet (1995)

    Moon Rainbow/Lunnaya raduga/Лунная радуга (1984) [50:09][58:27-1:01:20]
    The shoulder mounted backpacks remind me a little of the ufo shado suits and roger cormans galaxy of terror had backpacks with shoulder mounted lights in them just like these

    This is a czech time travel tv series that has a real 70s early 80s sf vibe,I have a feeling this could be your cup of tea,its even got some minor female nudity in a sonic shower scene just after the opening and this is supposed to be a kids,well young adults show,still I`m sure I would have appreciated it at the age of 13,oh and time traveling ladas or skodas and something that looks like it could be oracs bigger brother

    Я был спутником Солнца/I Was a Sputnik of the Sun (1959) [51:18][52:01]

    1. Cheers Tim, I've started prepping a biggish 2014 folder with a lot of ideas and images from your efforts. 2 be seen quite soon. Thanks

    2. I`ve just found another couple
      Alien Cargo
      Trapped in Space
      starring sigrid thornton in a rather grisly spacesuit decompression scene

    3. Cheers Tim...more homework for the weekend.

  5. Anyone know where 'Astronauts' can be acquired from (Amazon, eBay, Torrent, Usenet)? Was a huge Goodies fan (had all the annuals & LPs) & would absolutely _love_ to see it!

    Cheers all.


      I love this company, they bring out the best DVD's, so you should buy direct but I guess Amazon stock it as well other online retailers