Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Bulldog Breed (1960)

The Bulldog Breed is a 1960 British comedy starring Norman Wisdom.  That's him below on the right standing next to the sublime John Le Mesurier.  Wisdom made quite a lot of similar films where he fumbles through a uniformed profession being clumsy but well meaning.  The milkman one is quite good, as is the ambulance driver and the policeman outings. In this particular version he joins the Royal Navy although some how winds up at the end of the picture in a rocket ship that's blasted into space!

The spaceman in these stills is the rockets actual pilot, who manages to lock himself in a cupboard prior to take off and thus allows Wisdom to unwittingly climb aboard unnoticed.  The ending seems a tad tacked on, given this is about being in the navy, but this may have everything to do with the availability of a very nice spacesuit and a quick way to end the picture.  If you compare this with our final image; from Network's DVD release of  Man in the Moon, also 1960, you'll see exactly where they had it from. 

Quite a nice bit of kit, I wonder where it wound up next.

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