Thursday, 24 February 2011

Spaceways (1953)

Spaceways was made in 1953 by Hammer Film Productions Ltd as a British/American co-production.  It was based on a radio play by Charles Eric Maine and directed by the prolific Terence Fisher.
It looks a lot like sci-fi but it is as much a tale of infidelity and murder as rocketships going into space.  I’ve read some reviews for this film which seem to criticise it for not being sci-fi to its very core but if you’ve read any of Charles Eric Mains novels you’ll know that he tends to use a sci-fi premise to spin a good thriller.  Consequently, as a fan of the Maine man, I’m looking forward to tracking this down and giving it a butchers – as we say round our way.
And I like the space suits because they don’t look like everything else around at the time.
And I like the film posters too.

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