Saturday, 12 February 2011

Inseminoid (1981)

Inseminoid is a terrible film with almost zero production values and lacklustre everything else.  It has no artistic merit and exists entirely to cash in on the popularity of Ridley Scott’s Alien.
However, I read the book first and I loved it.
You see at the age of 12 this was forbidden fruit indeed, full of violence and sex; traditional human-on-human sex and strange crazy alien-on-human sex.  And from that you can probably figure out the plot of the film.
I could be reasonable and say that this budget deficient movie was never going to be as good as the multimillion pound version in my head but it is generally held to be a load of old tosh by just about everyone thats ever seen it.  And for what its worth, I’m probably on my own for liking the paperback tie-in.
The space suits seemed to be cobbled together from safety visors with added lights and vacuum cleaner hose, which would be perfectly acceptable 10 years earlier but looked cheap even in 1981
Is there much more to add?
Judy Geeson is as lovely as ever but that’s probably a given.
Oh yes; if you would like to avoid this film it's worth knowing that in the USA it’s called; Horror Planet, so you should probably give that a miss too.


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  1. If you do watch it, don't miss the segment where Geeson rips open one of her crewmates' spacesuits with her bare hands, then eats his intestines.

    Yeh...low production values!