Friday, 4 February 2011

Look-In # 19 (1971)

Look-In was a weekly children's magazine centered around ITV’s television output from January 1971 to March 1994.
There were posters and competitions, articles and interviews and even a TV listings page covering all of the UK’s regional channels.  The most stunning feature though was its regular comic strips based on whatever was popular at the time.  They did UK shows like Follyfoot and The Tomorrow People, US import shows like The A-Team and The Six-Million Dollar Man, and even comics strips based on then popular Music bands like Madness and Bucks Fizz.  At some point somebody is going to collect these strips up into a graphic novel or two and make a few quid selling them to the 40-somethings but until then various scans exist on various sites around the net if you want to go check them out.
I mention all of this just so we can take a look at this cover scan of issue 19 which features one of the aliens from UFO.  A simple yet stunning cover that must have got a few kids sat down in front of the television back in the spring of 71


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  1. I think the chances of a lot of these licensed comic strips ever being reprinted is, at best, remote ... Because of rights issues.

    Who owns the licenses to print spin-offs of this show - or any show from 30 or 40 years ago? Who owns the actual strips? Who owns the rights to the likenesses of the characters? Who owns the artwork? Who owns the logo? How many of the businesses that did own them have been broken up or absorbed into other businesses? How many of the creators are still alive or have an active estate? Is there enough money in it for lawyers to spend months working all this out?

    Probably not.

    Even a lot of the Doctor Who stuff has never been reprinted and that's all owned outright by the BBC in perpetuity.

    Despite the recent fashion for deluxe edition reprints, there is almost nothing reprinted from Look-In (save a couple of recent annuals) hence why the original issues still change hands for silly money on eBay.