Sunday, 27 February 2011

Something for the Weekend 3

Catherine Schell as Clementine Taplin in Moon Zero Two 1969


  1. There's something about Catherine Schell that's always gotten my blood moving. I love her in Return of the Pink Panther--she's completely on to Inspector Clouseau as he uses increasingly ridiculous disguises to spy on her and at one point she can't supress a laugh at his ineptitude. There was something so natural and appealing about that--as if she really couldn't help but laugh at Peter Sellers but managed to somehow incorporate that natural reaction into her performance. Plus she was on Doctor Who, of course. And she was completely gorgeous!

  2. Somehow never clocked that she was in Doctor Who even though I must have watched that story two or three times. But there was certainly something about Catherine; iconic 70's totty, along with the likes of Jenny Agutter, Caroline Munro.

  3. Always loved her.

    George Vreeland Hill