Monday, 7 February 2011

Blake's 7: Headhunter (1981)

From the final series of Blake’s 7; Headhunter is the 6th episode of the fourth series.
Now travelling aboard the Scorpio, the remnants of Blake’s original 7 are stuck in an airless ship , while a headless killer android tracks them down...and not to congratulate them on their stunning fashion sense.
These suits are just horrible, cheap bike helmets with additional techno-fins to give it that unnecessarily futuristic comicbook look.  It's an odd design choice given that A; it really is just horrible, and B; it doesn’t even tie in with the fact that everything on the Scorpio was meant to have an industrial, functional and less fantastical look than what had previously been seen when they were all flying about on The Liberator.
Did I mention that I think these suits are horrible?

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