Monday, 7 February 2011

Blake's 7: Voices from the Past (1979)

Blake's 7 was the story of a group of rebels fighting against the tyrannical Federation that rules over the Earth.  A sort of space age Robin Hood.  The show was created by Doctor Who writer and Dalek creator Terry Nation.  It ran for four seasons on BBC 1 and was aimed very squarely at an adult audience.  Some of the effects work was a little poor to the eye but at its heart the show was never about the flash and bang of space Oprah it was a tale of freedom fighters, cold criminal minds and political prisoners trying to overthrow an oppressive regime.

Unless I've missed something out, there isn't a space suit in sight until episode 10 of the second series in a story called Voices from the Past. This one saw Blake donning something a little spacey to go visit mining asteroid PK118, where he hopes to find some support in his efforts to raise a rebellion against the Federation.
Nothing too exotic here.  I would like to get a closer look at the helmet but my guess is that it's been seen in some other show prior to this.  The suit looks like it was run up for this episode by the shows costume designer.



  1. Blake's 7 efectively had very poor effects, but the screenplays were very very good, stimulating... One can conclude that the true importance is in the story, not in the resources. Greetings, and thank you for all these beautiful pictures in your blog!

  2. Hi Bishop, Greetings back at you. I'm working through the Blake'7 box sets at the moment and am up to ep 4 of series 3. It's interesting how we miss remember stuff and how tastes change with age. I now much prefer series one to two primarily because there's a more solid story line running through the first season. That said the effects never bothered me then or now, the look and design of the show greatly overshadowed its practical failings.
    Many thanks for the comments. Feel free to chip in a thought or two when the urge strikes you. Other peoples thoughts and memories are always of interst.