Friday, 4 February 2011

Confessions of an Astronaut (1978)

First published in March 1978 to cash in on the whole Star Wars sci-fi revival thing one presumes, although they were working their way slowly through the various professions so they might have got there on their own eventually.
Confessions of an Astronaut is just one of several Confession books which were published throughout 70’s Britain and written by various authors.  They are basically slightly smutty, slightly sexy, slightly funny bits of nothingness really.   And I must confess myself that I was only going to post this because its tackiness made me laugh.  However, I’ve just noticed after months of looking at it, that the lucky old space stud on the cover seems to be wearing, if not the whole suit, then at least the collar from a Doppelganger spacesuit which then went on to appear in UFO and a few other bits and pieces.
Which all goes to show that we could end up almost anywhere trying to track these things down....  and that one shouldn’t get too distracted by the callipygous


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