Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Planeta Bur (1962)

Planeta Bur is the name of the original Russian film from 1962 that was then edited and dubbed in 1965 to become; Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet for the American market  ... and then again in 1968 to become; Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Woman.
Up until a couple of weeks ago I was unaware of any of this until I stumbled across some clips on the Internet and was blown away by what I saw.   I’ve since seen the third version of this film and storywise it really is a terrible piece of old tosh but the original Russian visuals remain captivating.
The space suits are a stunningly stylish design, realising an aesthetic normally reserved for illustrations. In company with a hefty metal robot, a floaty space-car and some flesh-hungry Venusian wildlife, it looks like a fare amount of love and money went into making the original feature.
It makes you wonder what else was going on behind the Iron Curtain.



  1. The production values in this (original Russian) movie were very good. Even as a kid I loved the suits (you could eat from a tube in the helmet) the air car complete with a plug in the floor so it could go underwater, and of course John the robot who unfortunately met his demise in a river of lava.

    1. I guess but for the politics of the time this would have been a sci-fi classic as well known as The Forbidden Planet or the Day the Earth Stood Still.