Thursday, 2 December 2010

Meanwhile, back on the moon...

To continue a thought or two more on the subject of Moon Zero Two. One of the things that appealed to me about this suit over others of the time was the choice of available colours.
Now despite what you might think, this was not simply a matter of 60’s pop fashion gone wild but a rather more practical point in regards to the day to day lives of those working on and above the moon - honest! The different coloured suits, as the leading man points out to the newly arrived leading lady, allows for them to easily identify each other. Which turns out to be something of an asset as they are soon after confronted by three murderous villains for a shoot-out around the moon rocks. Thankfully for our heroes, and our own viewing pleasure, they have all at least had the good grace to dress in colours uniquely their own.
A similar confrontation at the end sees a gathering of all of the principle suits in one scene, where not only can we marvel at the full spectrum available but also at the variety of sizes. No baggy-legged space trousers here. There’s a body-armour and snug-fitting-rubber combo to fit everyone from the super-sexy Catherine Schell at 5’7’’ to the imposing and robust Bernard Bresslaw at 6’7’’
And what’s really remarkable is that everybody, regardless of sex, size, shape or age, seems to look good in it. Which is not always the case with proto fetish wear!

And I’ve not even mentioned the nipple vents yet


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