Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Pathfinders to Mars (1960)

For the third series of Target Luna (read the previous post) the space suits were changed from the front fastening, ribbed armed type to the all in one zipped up at the back, quilted anorak affair with hoods and new custom made space helmets.

As with the previous motorbike style space helmet, the plastic visors were a hindrance to sound recording and so were replaced on both occasions with thin pieces of wire to make a cross-hairs over the actor’s face.   A passable trick on the poor resolution TV sets of the day that gave the impression of a solid visor.  The backpacks remain the same as the previous series but now connect to a valve on the bottom of the helmet as opposed to the fabric cowl that complimented the original design.
Now these are the same style of space helmets that feature in Come back Mrs Noah and several Doctor Who episodes so I really don’t think that they were custom made for Pathfinders as research seems to suggest but rather that they are a customised prop.  I’m still trying to identify their true origin although seeing them used here in late 1960 makes them much older than I first thought and for that reason the thread that follows their many appearance on the small screen is for the time being at least entitled; pathfinder helmets

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