Saturday, 18 December 2010

Come back Mrs Noah (1977)

Come back Mrs Noah aired on the BBC at the back end of 1977 and starred Mollie Sugden as an everyday housewife who wins a competition to have a tour around the Britannia Seven; a docked space exploration vehicle.  While she’s aboard, the ship is accidentally launched into space and from there the hilarity ensues....or not!
Quite often regarded as one the worst British sitcom ever made - even the joke banter was allegedly recycled from other shows - it’s year 2050 sci-fi credentials were exploited by Mrs Noah having to come to terms with the outrageously strange technology aboard the ship.
But we’re here to take a look at the space suits, pictured during a spacewalk dance routine.  They very clearly and deliberately resemble the Michelin Man, which in its self could be seen to resemble an exaggerated version of that kind of inflatable padded space suit popular in 1950’s sci-fi.  So the jokes are there, it’s just that they’re maybe a little stale being pitched as they were to the future children of the Star Wars.
The helmet is a bit of a classic from the BBC’s wardrobe department and makes several earlier appearances in Doctor Who. It looks like some kind of industrial paint spraying mask to me but I’ll
do the research and let you know.


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