Saturday, 18 December 2010

Barbarella (1968)

The film of the French comic... The most psychedelic piece of 60’s sci-fi ever made...  Jane Fonda endlessly loosing/changing her clothes... The sexiest wardrobe of any leading lady.
But unfortunately we’re only going to be looking at this one; The Spacesuit.
It isn’t the best in the film but it does come off easily... the first few minutes of the film if I remember correctly but this is as far as we're going here.
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  1. I keep hearing that this film will get a remake...much like DUNE. Maybe then it will make some sense. However, Jane looks amazing!

  2. It's barking but I love it. If they ever do a remake it should be the further adventures of... rather than just a retelling. The nearest anyone has ever got to it was probably that Lexx tv show