Friday, 17 December 2010

The House of Hammer magazine (1976)

Here is the cover art by Brian Lewis for #5 of The House of Hammer magazine, published in the mid 70's.
Aimed at the teenage market, each issue featured news and reviews of forthcoming genre releases as well as comic strip adaptions of Hammer's back catalogue.  For the most part the strips were of horror films such as; Horror Of Dracula or Curse Of Frankenstein but here they're having a go at Moon Zero Two...although the artist has brushed liberally and broadly with the gore in excess to anything actually seen in the film.
Similar liberties have been taken with the accuracy of the interior art although for me these compliment the story and add a few thousand more to the look of the story than the real budget could have stretched to... plus by this point its the 70's so styles had moved on.


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