Saturday, 19 December 2015

The Heirs of King Kong (1968)

The Heirs of King Kong or "Gli eredi di King Kong" as they say in Italy is actually the film Destroy All Monsters, rebranded with a cheeky little reference to the greatest of the apes who of course isn't in the actual film.
And if you think  that's just a tad underhand and misleading perhaps you should have a closer look at the spacemen featured in both of these two Italian promotional posters.

Yes, those are indeed a couple of different images of Shado astronauts from the British TV series; UFO, who, unsurprisingly, also don't feature in this film. - Sneaky! 

This one is for you, Tim.  It seems you weren't the only one who thought the actual suits used in this film were uninspiring.



  1. I'd bet a dollar that the people who made this poster were told that Italians didn't like Japanese movies.

    1. I think I've got another one in the file that drops a Japanese astronaut onto an English film poster so I think its just about the aesthetics of it. I did that one out and post it.

    2. Could be, of course, but look who gets top billing in this poster.