Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Bolshoe kosmicheskoe puteshestvie (1975)

Bolshoe kosmicheskoe puteshestvie or The Big Space Travel, if you prefer is Soviet film from 1975. in which three children are selected for a space flight on the spacecraft Astra and some stuff happens thereafter




  1. Wow,these helmets have a long history on both sides of the iron curtain,I dont think any other helmet could make that claim to fame.Whats especially interesting is that the ones pictured here have the air hose and electrical connector on opposite sides,does this mean there are left and right handed helmets?,maybe its for different aircraft types?.Also the guy in the first pic looks like he could be the twin brother of Arnold vosloo [The Mummy]

    1. I see three possibilities:

      1) There are right and left handed versions of the helmet, perhaps because different aircraft had you plug into a different side of the cockpit.

      2) Perhaps the plugs are identical, and it's possible to pop them into either side. They might not work in real life, but it would surely be good enough for a film.

      3) Sometimes an image will be flipped left for right for production purposes, most famously for _Titanic_ where one side of the ship was built, and actors wore "flipped" costumes in order to film scenes on the "other side" of the ship.

      I believe the Deaconblue record albums on this site might show that.

  2. I'm always fond of spaceship set design that looks compact. The "heads in the middle" radial arrangement looks right, even though it would probably waste space.

  3. Online here: