Friday, 18 December 2015

Ascension (2014) - mini gallery

No second series.  Not all that surprised really.  Still, I do like the suits and we can now all look forward to them being recycled elsewhere!  I've blogged them being in an episode of Castle already but where will they pop up next?



  1. The show had an interesting premise but they just didnt really do much with it,I kinda lost interest after the first few episodes
    I think I may have spotted the helmet for these suits,it looks like its an TK-4B
    I`ve also spotted another one you dont have,its a truly terrible suit from the japanese monster classic Destroy all monsters,its weird because the japanese often came up with some halfway decent suit designs,but these are so bad they make crash helmets look hi tech by comparison

  2. Ascension began good
    soon moment they show the bitter realty of USS Ascension
    ended that in huge Disappointment for me

    1. That's about how I felt about it as well