Thursday, 24 December 2015

Quatermass (1979)

A few seconds from episode one; The destruction of Russian and American space crafts as viewed from the TV studio monitors. (i.e. the images are poor by default).  Highly recommend the TV show but don't go to it looking for spacemen because this is it.



  1. Theres a scene later on aboard an american space shuttle that has the crew wearing the raf ventilation suits but sadly no helmets,tho I did like the titupy-bumpity show part.All in all its a bit of a time capsule of britain in the 70s and where the writers thought things might well be headed.And on a totally unrelated note I also stumbled across this interesting record cover,I wonder if hes good friends with Matt Mason,oh and merry christmas/happy new year

    1. Still got the next two episode to watch + any extras. Interestingly I believe the first version of Q:IV was written a good few years earlier. The hippy Planet People would have made more sense as an extrapolation of youth in 74/75 than in post punk 79. It still works I just think it would have been even more pertinent if made when first written. Happy Chrimbo to you too