Sunday, 27 December 2015

Quatermass (1979) - Part 2

This is Quatermass part 2 in as much as its the second spacesuit seen in the TV show but actually features in episode 3 of Quatermass IV, unless you are more familiar with the film edit which is known as Quatermass: The Conclusion.  Confused yet?  All you really need to know is it's very good.
These suits are on screen a little longer and seen much more clearly than the Russian Cosmonaut who dies in episode 1, as viewed through a TV monitor, and blogged previously.
Anyway, what we are looking at here is a "ventilation suits", as seen in various other films, shows and pop videos of the time.  This looks like its been lined and padded and has had a few extra details added such as silver cuffs and some forearm controls buttons.  It's an impressive job!



  1. I`e just realised you`re missing another one,Its 1998s Deep Impact and its also where the suits in Stargate SG-1 - Season 9 Episode 6: Beachhead came from,I knew I`d seen them somewhere else

    1. Deep Impact, of course. So obvious I assumed there must be something lurking in the files waiting but not yet blogged. But there isn't. What an oversight ... that has now been sorted.