Sunday, 13 December 2015

Russian GSh-6A pressurized helmet (1968 onwards)

The Russian GSh-6A pressurized helmet for high altitude flights. This helmet was usually used on MIG-21, MIG-23 and MIG-25 fighter/interceptor airplanes. The clear pressure visor is electrically heated to prevent fogging of the visor. The introduction of this helmet happened in around 1968. Phased-out samples of this helmet were obtained after German reunification in 1991 from the former East-German Luftwaffe.....
.....And then became available to buy online and double-up as a very convincing space helmet requiring little or no modification.
You may also have seen them in the list of films and videos below and can see them again by following the label: Helmet - Russian GSh-6A at the bottom of this post.

Test Pilota Perxa (1978)
Last Flight (2011)
The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets - 20 Minutes of Oxygen Video (2011)
Love (2011)
Red Dwarf S10 Episode 4 - Entangled (2012)

......And many others, which you are free to update me on or remind me off at your leisure.


(Tim, which ones have I missed?)


  1. I`ve just spotted another suit,its not a gsh-6a tho`,its from the series Metal Hurlant Chronicles series 1 episode 4 titled:Three on a match,the guy wearing it is Dominique Pinon who was seen in Alien Resurrection and the excellent City of lost children

    One film that does have a few Gsh-6a in it is the 1995 russian film Chetvertaya Planeta/Fourth Planet