Sunday, 25 June 2017

Storm Catcher (1999)

Not seen this but from what I've read I think these are high altitude flight suits as featured in this Dolph Lundgren film; Storm Catcher. Later on though, they intermingle with the spacesuits from Soldier (1998) for varied Firefly (2002) appearances and then and go on to appear in Start Trek Voyager in their new hybrid form.  I do like it when a couple of different suits come together to make a 3rd variant, although it does make it hard to catalogue. It happened with the Moon Zero Two and the Doppelganger spacesuits



  1. Yes, a high altitude suit, known a an s-1030, although he is wearing an s-1035 ACES helmet.
    They are all pressure suits, just some make there way in to space....